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Reading Strategies

The Read with Me strategies are designed to help children learn to LOVE to read!

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Our Children's Books

Developed by experts in the development of speech, language, and literacy, our books are designed to encourage children to be active participants in the reading interaction.

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Fun Activities and More

Are you looking for some activities to go along with our books? You’ve come to the right place!

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Meet Our Team

We work with talented authors, illustrators, and graphic artists who help us create the magic behind our products.

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Here’s where you can find information and resources for developing children’s language and literacy skills. Our children’s books are all evidence-based, created by expert researchers and clinicians, and designed to make learning to read FUN! and STRESS FREE!

All of our books come with parent information and manipulatives such as flash cards and stick puppets to help extend the fun and learning.

REMEMBER!  There is no app for your lap.  Read with your children!




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